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Some Top Stories From Own Most Successful Clients

#4 On AmazonAlexa

My book was nowhere on Amazon, and suddenly, it started making progress. I climbed to the fourth spot on Amazon in my category in literally no time after acquiring their services.

Bestseller In 4 CategoriesEmma

Their smart marketing campaign targeted different categories and made my book rank in all of them. It eventually became a bestseller in each category. Simply sensational!

#2 In Kindle StoreSimon

Reaching the second rank in the Kindle Store was something that I hadn’t imagined, even in my wildest dreams. These guys made it possible for me. You saved my book from underperforming.

Most Sales In A MonthJames

I completed my target within the first week and did not realise when the sales crossed thousands of pounds in the same month. Thank you for making my book a revenue-generating machine.